5 Unconventional Foods For Perfect Health and wellness

Everybody knows leafy vegetables and fruits are perfect for our overall health, beauty and wellbeing – but there are more foods on the planet which are far better than these apparent choices and in the following paragraphs I will expose five unconventional foods that you simply most likely aren’t consuming but should be!

Unconventional Food #1

Goji Berries

Within the Tibetan parts of the Himalayas, in which the goji berry originates, it’s highly conventional the residents to reside beyond a hundred years. They assign one good reason with this incredible durability: the miraculous qualities of goji berries.

Goji berries contain among the greatest concentrations of antioxidants (that fight damaging toxins) associated with a food on the planet. Some scientists even claim that goji berries would be the world’s finest anti-aging super foods.

Unconventional Food #2

Exotic Cactus

This strange fruit grows within the desert in Mexico and has been utilized by many people Mexican tribes for hundreds of years. Exotic cactus has lately been found to possess a high antioxidant content, similar to goji berries, meaning it offers fantastic anti-aging qualities helping to improve the effectiveness of the defense mechanisms while fighting disease and illness.

Exotic cactus has additionally been identified to lessen high bloodstream pressure, minimize cardiac stress minimizing cholesterol.

Unconventional Food #3

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is really a honey variety discovered growing around the potent Manuka plant in Nz. Manuka honey is way better than regular honey in each and every respect and it has lately emerged among the world’s most breathtaking super foods. The Manuka honey benefits are vast, including being antibacterial and antimicrobial. It will help treat upset stomach, indigestion, diarrhea, acidity reflux, indigestion and acid reflux plus much more.

Unconventional Food #4


Wheatgrass is really a baby what plant which has a quantity of health insurance and anti-aging benefits when offered either juiced or like a powder. It’s filled with numerous vitamins, a variety of minerals, a good amount of proteins and a number of nutrients which all lead to benefitting our overall health.

A 25ml way of measuring juiced wheatgrass or included a smoothie helps you to improve digestion, boost energy, prevent disease and illness and detox your body.

Unconventional Food #5


Many Asian cultures have enjoyed the great health advantages of seaweed for a lot of annually, and much more lately smoothies that contains seaweed have demonstrated popular.

The reported advantages of seaweed incorporate a increase in sexual interest, management of numerous cancers, cut in Cholestrerol levels and weight gain loss.