A Few Etiquette Tips When Sharing Glass Weed Pipes

 Glass weed pipes are objectively not the greatest option when it comes to smoking cannabis. It’s by far the least popular method used by anyone in my area, and most people instead stick to joints or bongs, if not fancy new vaporizers. Still, there’s always traditionalists out there that stick to their old ways, and some people just genuinely enjoy that intense heat and harshness of the hard hitting direct smoke you get out of a pipe. Glass pipes for smoking weed are likely to stick around in human culture for an extremely long time, so even if you don’t ever plan to be a frequent pipe smoker it’s good to have a few pointers on etiquette so that if you find yourself in a circle at a party with a pipe being passed around, you won’t accidentally end up making a fool of yourself in any way.

  1. Watch your lip placement. You don’t want to fish lip the mouth piece. This is what old friends of mine used to call it when i was new to smoking and often wet the mouthpiece of their pipe with saliva from my lips. Make sure your lips are not poised for a kiss or anything, just open your mouth slightly and place your lips directly against the mouthpiece You don’t need to create a seal or anything, the smoke will come easily when inhaling anyways.
  2. Be careful! Nobody wants to be the guy that drops the glass weed pipe and shatters the whole group session into pieces, bringing it to an abrupt end. Be mindful of your grip, especially if you’re already letting your mind float up to the clouds. Hold it firmly and carefully when taking a hit, and gently pass it over to the next person.

Don’t expect them to supply or pack your bowl just because they offer you the pipe. It’s nice and polite to take out your own stash and begin packing your own bowl, and if they offer to let you try whatever they’re smoking on that night then great. If you don’t have anything on you, let them know you don’t have any green to contribute. Most kind hearted stoners will be all too happy to share, but it’s nice if you show that you don’t want to take advantage of their generosity.