Considering Dental Implants? Check These Important Aspects

Even a few decades back, most patients used those complicated dentures to replace lost teeth/tooth. Thanks to dental implants, you don’t need those removable and flimsy dentures anymore. Implants are replacement tooth roots, which work like a foundation for fixed and removable false teeth. In this post, we have discussed a few aspects about implants dentaires.

Can I get dental implants?

Most people are considered to be fit for dental implants, unless they have an underlying chronic health concern, such as diabetes. Your dentist is the best person to take a call on this aspect. He will check your gums and will consider a few other parameters, as well. Depending on the treatment procedure, he may suggest a few tests.

What’s the procedure?

Implants are made of titanium and are fused to the bone. On your first appointment, the doctor will decide if you are a right candidate for the procedure. The procedure starts with placing the replacement roots on the sockets of lost tooth. Once that’s done, the muscles and gums of the jawbone will start to heal and will fuse the implants further. The doctor will ask you to wait for at least six weeks before the next appointment. For placing the implants, local anesthesia is used. Next, an abutment will be used on each of the dental implant, which will help in fixing the replacement teeth. Your dentist will also check the alignment of the natural teeth and take bite impressions to make replacement teeth. In the third appointment, the false teeth, also known as crowns will be fixed to implant. Some patients may get removable dentures for the implants, which are still better than dentures.

Things worth knowing

Firstly, the cost of dental implants is not covered in insurance, so you need to understand the financing requirements in advance.  There is very limited discomfort or pain associated with the procedure, but the doctor will ensure that you have painkillers to deal with the immediate pain and swelling. For any dental procedure, the experience of the concerned dentist is extremely important. Choose a clinic that’s well known for its services. You can check online to find business listings or can even take references from friends and neighbors.

Finally, do talk about the risks related to dental implants with your doctor. There aren’t many, but your dentist may have a few suggestions to offer, especially if you have other teeth and gum issues.