Driving factors behind becoming a psychotherapist or a counselor – What’s yours?

As per the National Center for Education Statistics, in the 2015-2016 scholastic year, 125,987 students got their bachelor’s degree in psychology and this was definitely the first time when this subject was ranked among the best choice for the students. Nevertheless, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were only 115,980 psychologists or counselors who were working in the year 2015. So, considering the popularity of this major, it is being predicted that most of them are ending their studies before even reaching their doctorate level which is the basic degree which you need to become a licensed counselor.

Now that the online sites dedicated to e-counseling have gained momentum, there are many websites which have numerous successful clients. Here are few of the viable reasons behind becoming a counselor or a psychotherapist.

  • Being able to pursue a wide array of career options

A psychotherapist or a counselor will be open to a world of opportunities as long as choosing their career path is concerned. They can opt for assessment, therapy, research, teaching, consultative services and many more. There are many who simply love to do both assessment and therapy at the same time. Besides this definite type of work, psychotherapists can even focus on variety of populations and their problems and this makes this career option extremely customizable.

  • Being able to create a difference in the tough lives of other people

One of the noble reasons of becoming a psychologist is the opportunity to assist others when they’re going through the toughest phase of their lives. It feels indeed powerful for a mental patient to sit with someone whom you can trust and who is willing to talk about all the tough things of life. Even the ones who don’t work with the clients directly, can also find enough satisfaction and meaning in their jobs.

  • Being able to get versatile working arrangements

Regardless of the fact that you wish to work independently or become a part of a team, this is definitely going to be a good choice as the professionals in this field are allowed to seek help of either of them. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found out that one-third of the psychologists opened up their own businesses in the year 2016 and they have therefore got the added versatility of working on their own terms and during their own hours.

Hence, as we see, there are multiple reasons to choose the career of a counselor or a psychotherapist. You can learn more on this before taking the plunge but make sure you are able to communicate with your clients or patients in the best possible manner so that they may feel comfortable about sharing their dark secrets of their lives.