How To Get Health With Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics informs us there exists a vast sea of thinking, intelligent energy known as the Quantum Sea. Or decide to refer to it as your brain of God.

In this particular sea exactly what has ever been, is or is going to be exists. There’s virtually no time or space there’s just the ‘here-now.’

The Quantum Sea reacts to our ideas, words and mental images. It is just like a beneficent Father waiting for the desires of it’s children, in order to fulfill them.

The Laws and regulations of Mental Radionics and also the Laws and regulations of Resonant Frequencies in addition to “I’m Statements,” are just like the various tools we use to make contact with the Quantum Sea, Mind of God.

In this particular Quantum Sea, are Divine Blueprints of physical manifestations in the world Earth. There’s a Divine Blueprint for that perfectly healthy body. Divine Blueprints for perfectly healthy functioning liver, spleen, heart, eyes,appendix pancreas, etc. There’s a Divine Blueprint for each organ and performance of the body.

We’ve got away for the Divine Blueprint by our erroneous ideas, feelings and actions relating to the health. We’ve overlaid the Divine Blueprint insidewithin all people having a false infrastructure. This false infrastructure is exactly what we feature around within our Aura. Our Aura attracts our existence. When we have negative, false dis-eased ideas within our Aura it is exactly what we’ll attract, Dis-ease and ill-liness.

However, because of the Laws and regulations of Quantum Physics we are able to achieve in to the Quantum Sea and strengthen that Divine Blueprint we feature within us. We are able to dissolve all of the negative ideas and feelings about health within our Aura and project perfect health inside and out.

It will not happen instantly however with persistence and continuous daily practice we are able to become perfectly healthy again. If our sickness is pictured like a 55 gallon drum of dirty water, then your ideas and visualizations we project in to the Quantum Sea is going to be just like a spigot of pure water that is clean. It’ll constantly flow in to the 55 gallon drum until it’s clean, Health!