Is Your Invisalign Treatment Done? What Happens After That? What You Need To Do?

Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic processes due to many reasons. The main reason why it is desirable is that it can straighten your teeth without the requirement of clunky metal braces. Amazing, isn’t it?

However, many patients at College Station want to know what actually happens after removing their clear aligners after wearing them for months. If you too are one of them, this guide is just for you. Let the best College Station dentist end your curiosity by answering some of the most common questions by patients! Read on to know about orthodontic procedure after it is no need for you to wear aligners.

Is it required to wear retainer afterwards?

Some of the people don’t like wearing conventional metal retainers after choosing aligners due to their transparent appearance. However, retainer is indeed a necessary aspect of the after-treatment care. In case you won’t wear it, there are chances that your teeth would migrate back to old position since the bones in jaw will be softer in some spots right after the treatment. You can even use clear retainer tray after your aligner treatment.

Are there other procedures to follow after Invisalign treatment?

When you will be done wearing aligners, then you will likely require returning to your just normal dental hygiene. However, some of the patients may experience staining around buttons. If the same happens to you as well, then you may schedule tooth whitening appointment for reducing any discoloration or staining.

What will the teeth look like after the treatment?

When you are done with aligners, then your teeth will appear straight in a perfect manner. There won’t be any kind of crowding amidst the teeth. Any of the gaps must be minimized. If the teeth were previously crooked or twisted, then they will sit straight and perfect in jaw. You will even notice that it would be much easier for you to chew and bite items since your teeth will be in their right position. You will be giving confident smile after your treatment!

Will you need visiting Orthodontist after the treatment?

After stopping the treatment, you won’t need to visit your orthodontist’s office. However, you will likely require going for minimum one follow up visit after few weeks when you are done with the treatment.

If you too want brightest smile possible, ensure that you choose a right dentist having professional and caring staff. Have a happy smile always!