Mega Hair Transplant Sessions and Its Importance

The hair transplant procedure has a main goal to achieve the best cosmetic outcomes in the context of extracting the best possible number of grafts in a single session, utilizing fuller the donor reserve, placing the grafts according to the natural demand for the surgery as well as the selection of grafts according to the need for the particular bald areas. Therefore, it is a prime obligation of the surgeon to utilize the available donor’s reserve aesthetically planned with respect to the graft’s need for recipient areas. However, it is a challenge in the hair transplant surgery that how a surgeon able to meet the requirement of the patient’s need. The main goal of the surgery is about utilizing the donor hair in the context of creating the aesthetic hairline as well as the placement of the desired number of grafts to meet the best cosmetic touch in the surgery.

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In this article, we would like to describe the benefits or importance of performing the Mega or Giga hair transplant session where a surgeon has to implant more than 3500 grafts in a single hair transplant session.

Mega/Large Hair Transplant Session:

The mega hair transplant session caters the implantation of more than 3500 grafts even in a single session helps in achieving the best cosmetic results of the surgery in terms of utilizing the fuller donor reserve with respect to present grade of Norwood baldness. It is very important to meet the best cosmetic appeal in the surgery by placing the best number of grafts in a single session as well as implanting the grafts specifically onto the frontal hairline to achieve the original results.

The benefits of a large or mega hair transplant session are numerous. However, choosing the technique for the hair restoration procedure is the first and foremost important concern that is decided after a thorough evaluation of the patient’s scalp status. In general, the follicular unit hair transplant or the FUT is chosen to perform the mega/largest hair transplant session that involves the strip excision from the back and sides of the scalp. After stripping off the grafts are sent to the dissection process via the higher magnifications of microscopes and surgeons are able to obtain the best possible number of grafts without even a single chance of damage. The higher magnifications of microscopes allow a surgeon to see the graft more precisely as it improves the visibility and makes it possible to dissect the graft more effectively. The separated grafts are now kept in the saline water and the further step is followed by the implantation. This way, the goal of FUT is achieved by using the higher magnification of microscopes as well as the simple incision and suture that are made to harvest the strip containing live follicular units.

The Advantages of the Mega Hair Transplant session is described below:

  • Accomplishing the Cosmetic Goal of the Surgery:

The main goal of a mega session of hair transplant is about meeting the cosmetic goal of the surgery, i.e., the creation of aesthetic hairline design as according to the frame of a patient’s face, age, sex and expectation. The created hairline fully utilizes the demand for grafts by using the slim grafts for the hairline design. Another concern for the aesthetic result is about creating the wise distribution of grafts that stand on its own. The mega session via the FUT technique is performed in a single day and thus save the time, energy, and money of the patients and they can easily resume their daily schedule of the job.

  • Surgical Advantage of using the virgin Scalp:

The use of virgin scalp means the needed number of grafts are implanted particularly in a single session, thus avoid the chances of future sitting and the transplantation job fully achieve the cosmetic goal of the surgery only in a single sitting.

The Surgical advantage of using virgin scalp is jotted down below:

  1. The original blood supply is intact.
  2. Grafts are implanted closer in order to offer the high-density hair transplants.
  3. There is a higher chance for graft survival by decreasing the possibility of graft damage.

The Surgical advantage of using the virgin Donor area is mentioned below:

  1. A maximum number of grafts can be achieved in a single session as the donor area is harvested the first time.
  2. We can obtain the maximum scalp mobility
  3. We can abolish the chances of donor scarring
  4. Very less chance of transection due to the normal angle of the hair.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant performed with the Mega/Giga session helps in meeting the desired cosmetic goal of the surgery by utilizing the fuller donor reserve as well as using the virgin scalp and the virgin donor area confirms the possibility of the higher survival rate of grafts. This has a higher demand in the hair restoration surgery that allows a surgeon to fulfil the expectation of a natural hair transplant procedure.