Melatonin For Anxiety – Best Supplement To Trust On

We will define anxiety as our body’s reaction to any dangerous and terrifying situation. When we experience any real danger, the heart beats much faster and palms get very sweaty and mind blanks out. And these are the anxiety symptoms in the dangerous situations. It’s our body’s response to any dangerous and life threatening situations.  Suppose your body and mind reacts constantly in such way for each situation, even though there’re not any threatening and dangerous events, you can be suffering from the anxiety disorder. Melatonin is used to remedy the anxiety disorders. We experience anxiety time to time particularly when we face stressful and challenging situations in life. Melatonin will come in very handy during such stressful situations as well.

Melatonin Helps You Decrease Anxiety

Melatonin generally is used as the sleep aid however it can be used by the anxious plane passengers in helping them to relax. The symptoms of anxiety might include fatigue, nausea, tremors, and shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, or upset stomach. Anxiety will include many other symptoms like not able to sleep during night, getting irritable or jumpy. We experience anxiety every time, but person suffering from the anxiety disorder may continuously experience symptoms of anxiety. Thus, can melatonin be used for anxiety? Yes taking supplements of melatonin will help to minimize anxiety symptoms.

melatonin helps to minimize anxiety symptoms

Are there any side effects?

Melatonin is the natural hormone formed by the body. The synthetic versions generally come in pill and tablet form. You may buy this over the counter. In certain countries, Melatonin supplement is the prescription drug. It’s thought that low levels of melatonin will cause the anxiety disorders, depression and also melatonin for panic attacks. Most of the people experience depression and anxiety same time. So, by taking melatonin, we will help our body to put back the natural melatonin levels. Most of the people who suffer from anxiety can have the sleep problems. Melatonin also can help them sleep better during night.


The recommended dosage for the melatonin supplement is 1mg to 5mg daily. It is suggested to begin with lowest dose and slowly increase the dosage as required. There’re not any adverse and serious side effects of Melatonin but you must always consult your physician or health care advisor before you take any kind of medication. Taking melatonin supplement will help to counter low levels & normalize the internal clock.