Plethora of Dental Services by General Dentists

Dentistry is a magnificent science, which creates happy smiles and relieves patients of diseases related to the oral and maxillofacial region. General dentists are the pillars of dentistry, who can perform a plethora of procedures on their own and even a number of more if specially trained for them.

  • Dental screening – Including the dental caries risk assessment of the individual, full mouth x-ray procedures and diagnosis of dental and oral conditions.
  • Oral hygiene and preventive services – The first and the foremost concern for a dentist about the oral cavity is the maintenance of the oral cavity because a mouth full of microorganisms can lead to many dental problems. So the general dentists do scaling and polishing procedures and sometimes also subgingival scaling and root planning in case of periodontal pockets.

  • Restorative procedures – Most common dental disease is dental caries and its removal and filling with various tooth colored or non-toothcolored materials is done by general dentists. They do root canal treatments for the teeth, where extent of caries has already reached the pulp.
  • Crowns and fixed partial dentures – An RCT treated tooth becomes non vital and hence is more brittle; therefore, to protect it crowns are given. Also, in case of missing teeth (due to trauma or caries), fixed partial dentures are given as a replacement of the lost teeth.
  • Extraction and minor surgical procedures – General dentists can do extraction of teeth and some minor oral surgical procedures like draining a dental abscess.
  • Tooth whitening procedures – Aesthetic concerns have led to an increase in demand for these procedures.
  • Dental implants – With special training, general dentists can offer services of dental implants for patients.
  • Orthodontic procedures – With training in this field, which can be a certificate course, general dentists can relieve the patients of misaligned teeth and unaesthetic appearance by using braces.
  • Veneering – Composite or porcelain veneering is done for patients with fluorosis stains or discolored teeth.
  • Smile designing – Many people in the glamour industry or otherwise want to have a perfect smile so this treatment is given to them by the dentists.

  • Sports dentistry – Includes making custom made mouth guards for people in contact sports and taking care of sports related dental injuries like tooth fractures.

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