Reasons Behind The Lack Of Sex Drive In Men

It has been studied that mainly women suffer from the lack of libido with aging, mainly after the menopause but it is rare in men. But, if they are facing the lack of sex drive there must be some serious issues that can be psychological or physiological. Often stress at work and in personal life is the reasons behind the losing libido but if it falls unnaturally, men should consult a specialist doctor.

Nowadays, treating similar problems has become common with the emergence of various clinics. Online also, various stores are catering fine quality Extenze male enhancement pills to treat them from the lack of libido. Here, in this article we are about to discuss a few reasons behind the lack of sex drive in males—

Psychological Reasons are-

 Stress at workplace

Overwork and stress caused from the work tension are slow killers. It also hampers women, but men going through the same stress regularly often lose the stamina of having sex. Many of them not even masturbate for which the stress increases. With the help of yoga or regular exercise, men can get relieved from the stress and can get back their libido for enjoying their normal sex life.


Exhaustion or Trauma

Men suffering from any trauma or exhaustion often lose their interest in sex. It is a temporary constraint that can be resolved in a few therapies and mild medication. Often physiologists suggest ample rest to men suffering from the trauma of any sudden loss or any other serious issues.

Hang-ups from an early age

There are many men who lose the normal libido with aging as they have the history of hang-ups from a tender age. According to many psychologists, this can be a huge constraint for men. But with proper medication and therapies it can be resolved.

Latent homosexuality or issues with partner

Guys with the problem of the latent homosexuality often lose the attraction to love a woman and getting into a physical liaison with her. If the man is homosexual he must visit a psychiatrist to consult it.

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Physical reasons are—

Drug and alcohol are major reasons for losing libido. Drugs such as cocaine hamper the normal sexual life. Health issues such as diabetes, low testosterone level, and anemia cause the lack of sex drive in men. Increasing body weight and especially obesity is also responsible for killing the stamina in men for having sex. For more information, visit