Recovering After Your Liposculpture Procedure: What You Need to Know

Even though Liposculpture offers less downtime, patients will still need to follow their surgeon’s aftercare instructions once they leave the clinic.

What you do during your recovery will play an important role in your results so don’t miss these tips and advice.

Liposculpture recovery tips

Watch what you eat

When you’re recovering at home and aren’t feeling 100%, it becomes a lot more tempting to reach for unhealthy foods instead of making something substantial. If you want to enjoy the results of your Liposculpture treatment, it’s important to maintain a healthy BMI. High amounts of fruits, vegetables and protein are recommended to keep your weight stable. Water with lemon is also useful for eliminating toxins and reducing swelling.

Increase your fibre intake

A lot of patients may experience bloating and constipation after their procedure due to the medications but eating foods that are high in fibre can help reduce any discomfort. Opt for whole grain cereals and breads as well as fruit during your recovery.

Your recovery garment is very important

You will receive a recovery garment after your procedure and even though it’s not the most attractive or comfortable item of clothing, but it’s going to be incredibly important during your recovery. The compression garment that you receive will offer support, reduce swelling and improve your circulation. Verve Cosmetic Clinic is the best place for liposuction in Sydney and your surgeon will walk you through everything you need to know about the recovery process, including how long you need to wear your compression garment for.

You may want to purchase a mattress protector

There is a chance that you will experience some leaking during the first few days after your procedure so you may want to put a mattress protector on your bed and use old sheets for the first week or two. Know that leaking is completely normal and good for recovery. If you do have any concerns though, rather get in touch with your doctor to discuss your symptoms.

Swelling and bruising should be expected

While there will more than likely be some bruising and swelling around the area that was treated, it’s completely normal for swelling to occur in other areas of the body. If you’re experiencing bruising and swelling for longer than your surgeon explained though, it’s best to see your doctor.

Spinning is a no-no

Even though your recovery will be a lot quicker, it’s still best to stay away from vigorous activities such as spinning for at least a month.

Patience is key

While you may be feeling better quite soon after your Liposculpture procedure, you may need to wait up to 3 months to enjoy the full results of your treatment so you will need to be patient.

What you do during your recovery period really does make a difference to your results and how soon you’ll be able to see results too so take it easy and follow your surgeon’s instructions to the letter.