Rhinoplasty Recovery: A Basic Timeline

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, you will know that your recovery plays a leading role in your results. It’s important to remember that your recovery is going to take time – it’s not a sprint. You’re going to need to make some adjustments to your routine and lifestyle for a few months.

Here is a brief timeline that will help you prepare for this process.

Recovering from Rhinoplasty: What to Expect

Directly After Your Surgery

How you feel straight after your nose job will depend on the anaesthetic that was used. If a general anaesthetic was used, which is usually the case, you will need time to recoup and wake up before you can go home.

Along with a sore throat, you may feel slightly nauseous after your surgery. You will also need to stay in an upright position to alleviate any swelling. A cold compress will also help with swelling though.

Breathing your nose will be very challenging after your surgery and you will have a splint that will be keeping your nose in place after your surgery. It helps to have a lip balm handy to keep your lips moisturised when you need to breathe through your mouth.

You will need someone to drive you home after your procedure as you will still be weak and drowsy.

You can find out more about the actual rhinoplasty procedure on this nose job procedure details & images page.

3 Days Later

You will need to get lots of rest for the first few days after your surgery and you will need to keep your head in an upright position while resting or sleeping.

While it’s fine to go for a short, light walk, you will need to keep your movements and activity to a minimum.

Any bruising and swelling will often appear worse before it starts getting better so this is nothing to be worried about.

Stick to soft foods that won’t require a lot of chewing and wear clothing that you don’t need to remove over your head.

1 Week Later

At this point, your splint will probably be removed but you will still need to take it easy by not engaging in any strenuous activities, blowing your nose or wearing pull-over tops.

2 Weeks Later

You should be able to start getting back into your usual routine after 2 weeks and you will be able to take some of your usual medications and supplements again but your doctor will be able to tell you which supplements you should still avoid – if any.

1 Month Later

You should feel like yourself again after a month and you can resume all of your usual activities again. It would be best to still avoid any sports or activities that might put your nose in harm’s way for a few more months though. You will also be able to go back to wearing glasses again. If you will be spending time outside, be sure to wear a good broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your freshly-healed skin.