Six Tips to Encourage your Child to Brush their Teeth

Brushing the teeth is an important life skill that your child should learn. Helping your little one learn to love this task is not a small feat. However, with a bit of creativity, you can help them maintain a good dental and oral health. Here are some ideas to help your child develop a love for brushing:

Help them Understand Why

Once your child understands why they need to brush their teeth, they will be more inclined to do it. To make the activity more interesting, make up a story and give a name to the bacteria in their mouth.

Make Brushing a Fun Event

Avoid being too authoritative when asking your child to brush their teeth. Make it fun by preparing their mood for this. Think about cranking up their favorite song and dance with them. You can also watch together some brushing videos or use brushing applications. No matter what you do, use your creativity and switch things up to make brushing time a great time.

Involve Everyone

Kids brushing teeth together with their family members are more inspired to do it. It is important to set a good example. Remember that the family that brushes together smiles together.

Set a Routine they can Stick To

If possible, never allow your child to skip brushing. Even if you are in a family vacation, ensure they stick to their routine. This helps in making brushing a second nature to them. Over time, it will be easier for your child to brush their teeth two times every day for two minutes without being told and supervised.

Motivate Them

Motivation can come in many forms but when it comes to your little one, words may not be enough. As their parent, you should have an idea of what usually motivates them. Is it some coloring books or stickers? Create a reward chart and let them add one whenever they brush their teeth. For some kids, though, motivation is about getting a huge smile and hug from you.

Get them Involved

Whenever it is time to buy new brushes for everyone, bring your child so they can pick out their toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste. Also, consider using a timer to help them brush their teeth for two minutes. When they complete the activity on time, let them press the button. Always look for ways to get your child involved.