What Are The Different Types Of Red Light Therapy And How Does It Benefits You

Red light therapy is also called as low-level laser therapy. It uses diode that emits low-energy light as an alternative therapy to give you relief from pain, and promote healthy cell functions. Such power lasers speed up healing of wounds, reduces signs of restless leg syndrome and lowers pain in ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis. Understanding the different types of red light therapy will help in treating your health.

Why is red laser light therapy better than other treatments?

There are several different types of salons that provide a tanning bed style therapy machine. It looks similar to a sunbed. Seattle is a seaport city that is located on the West Coast of the United States. Red light therapy in Seattle doesn’t produce risky dangerous ultraviolet radiation like sunbeds. So, they are considered to be more beneficial as compared to other prevalent treatment methodologies.

Advantages of Red Light Therapy

Red and near to infrared light are shown to encourage collagen production that directly relates to the firmness, elasticity, and fullness of the skin. This gives you an appearance of improved collagen production, younger looking skin, enhanced muscle recovery, better weight loss, less inflammation and joint pain.

The real advantages of red-light therapy come from the exchange of energy. Light of this wavelengths goes deep inside the surface of skin, where it gets absorbed into the deeper levels. This is not possible with the wavelengths of visible light.

Benefits of red laser light therapy

Red light therapy at specific wavelengths stimulates the secretion of elastin fibers, collagen and aids in creation of brand new capillaries. A large number of capillaries inside the skin will enhance the flow of blood flow to the various tissues of the skin. This assists in transportation of adequate nutrients and oxygen to the cells, while the extra amount of elastin and collagen smoothens and brings glow in the skin.

Right application of laser light therapy slows and lessens the impact of aging on the skin which in turn gives you a more youthful appearance. Red laser light therapy is characterized by deeper-reaching light that provides below mentioned benefits to a person:

  • Reduce Joint Stiffness
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Relieves Muscle Spasms
  • Aids Pain Relief
  • Improves Elasticity of Collagen Fibers
  • Reduces Inflammation


Red light laser therapy is provided at a specific wavelength that aids in the development of cellular tissues. With the help of the right cosmetic surgeon, you can even get all these benefits.